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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Europe Day 5 Paris

Tuesday, day 5 of our Europe Vacation
had us waking up in Paris for the second day of sightseeing.
My husband and granddaughter went to visit The Catacombes.  The entrance was only about a block from our hotel.  I wanted to go but after reading that there were 130 spiral steps down, I knew it would be impossible to maneuver.  I had torn the ligament in my foot in November and was still suffering if I walked too far even with a removable cast that I wore part of the trip and stairs were especially hard.

So as I sat, reading the history of the catacombes on my iPad, in our comfortable hotel; hubby and gd took off for their adventure.

Here are some of their pictures and a few from the web.  
They do not allow flash so many of their pictures were fuzzy.

After seeing pictures, I was glad I stayed at the hotel, errie is the only word they used to describe the tour.
The history of the catacombs is worth the time to read!
After lunch we headed out on the subway to the part of town that the Eiffle Tower and Norter Dame were in.  I love the easy way to get around the cities in Europe.  So much better than taxis.

 Our next stop was Notre Dame

What an amazing church.

After walking we visited to Eiffel Tower.
We arrived while it was still light and by the time we were through the lines,
 about a 2 hour wait, it was just dusk.
If you ever get to go, I would suggest paying the extra to pre-buy your trip to the top.

By the time the trip to the top was over evening had come and my hubby was able to get this night shot.
I had seen the tower in daylight about 30 years ago but the night view with the lights was magnificent!

So glad you stopped by to visit and share our trip.
Blessings, Debbie

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anemonen said...

Thanks for sharing this photos from Europe. I havn´t been in Paris.

Ann said...

Wow, I love the mosaic of the catacombs. How did the skeletons get there???The pic of you and Lex is so cute. Brought back memories of our trip.

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...
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