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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The perfect FIT

I am indead a blessed woman.  We are selling my 2009 blue honda fit to our oldest granddaughter for college.  We went looking for a low milage used car to replace it.  We just could not find anything that fit my style of living better than the fit.  The used ones were only a couple of thousand less than brand new.  Hubby decided to get me the new one!!!
So today I am driving around in a new RED honda fit.

I love to "drive by trash dive"  If I see it out on the curb for the trash I will take it home, clean it up then either use it or sell it in the next yard sale.  So the fit is perfect to bring home my trash finds.  The only requirement is that I leave room in the garage for the cars.

 Have a great week. Blessings. Debbie

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blue Monday at the Lake

My wonderful "older" sister came to visit with her daughter, son in-law and their two daughters for a visit.  Aunt Debbie's at the lake is a must every summer now and they have so much fun.

Today while playing in the water my sister, Ann of Tin and Sparkle, had a very interesting time trying to conquer the flat raft to get her back tanned.

Getting on when you can't touch bottom wasnt going to work.

So, she swam up to where she could stand up.

Hmmm, maybe if I fold it up...

Granddaughter trying to help

Woops, that didn't work

Oh my....I don't think I have seen her laugh this hard in years!

Son in Law to the rescue.

I'll hold it while you get on the ladder and maybe that will help.

Swan dive onto the raft.

Finally after a lot of fun and laughs.

And I do have her premission to post this

Blue Monday Blessing

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Flip Flop wreath

It's a flip flop kind of day around our place.
Living on the lake I wanted to do something different for our front door.

I started with some simple things I found at Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby.
I used some glue and sand to cover some of the pink wreath as a background for the shells.
I decided not to use the fish.  I liked it better with just the natural seaglass and shells.
I cut the back straps off the baby sandles so they would look more like flip flops.

Hope you like my sea inspired, Pink wreath.
Blesssings, Debbie

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Alphabet Wednesday

As I continue my letters of things I am thankful.

My Saviour
   He doesn't wear a suit with a big S on his chest
My Saviour
  Instead he chose to wear a crown of throrns
My Saviour
  He didn't wear a cape of royality
My Saviour
  Instead he chose to be stripped and beaten
My Saviour
  Three nails in his hands and feet
My Saviour
   Died for you and me.

Blessings, Debbie

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 8 Driving to Venice, Ist evening in the city

Day 8 Driving to Venice, 1 st evening in the city

Our last change of rooms for this wonderful vacation.

We decided to leave fairly early from Pisa for our drive to Vencie.  We knew we wanted to get off the tole roads and would be driving through more mountains.

What a wonderful relaxed day.  
We arrivved at the apartment fairly late in the evening and walked several bridges over to the main square for a late dinner of pizza.

Here are a few of the beauitiful evening shots we took. 

Summer has been crazy.  I have been to Kansas to help with harvest on my husbands parents farm and spent time in Kansas City while one of my sisters went through cancer surgery. 
 Last week while my husband was in India for business, a different sister came and spent a few days, 
another is coming with her daughters family next week! 
I do promise for those who care to get back on the computer on a more regular basis.  I miss it and you.

Blessings, Debbie

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