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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ready for a good laugh

This week we get to celebrate our son's 35th birthday!
What a joy to have him as our son.

Our son and his sister...yes, she is the oldest lol but only by 22 months.

Some of my favorite early childhood pictures.
Always loves a good belly laugh!
Always ready for a party!
Wish I still had this chair for our dock!
Always Ready for action!
Dressed in daddy's army gear.

Hope you have something wonderful to celebrate this week.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1893 Sewing Machine

A very close friend has this beautiful machine sitting in her entry way. 
 The machine was given to her Grandmother. 
 It was originally owned by a woman who repaired Cilvil war uniforms.  
 It is one of the most beautiful carved and pristine machines I have ever seen.
It's date is carved on the inside lid but did not photograph well enough to share.
  I can't even imagine it's value.

The carvings are so detailed and not a single chip to be found. 

 She still own the whole instruction book although the pages are no longer together, and the original attachments in their box!

Thanks Linda for letting me share this beautiful treasure.

And thanks to Suzanne at 

Carved Trees

Who doesn't love a lazy afternoon drive?  

My hubby and I love to just take off on roads we don't know and see what is in store for us to discover.  Driving off the beaten path can bring all kinds of wonderful surprises.
Our car had to stop after a curve in a road we had never driven and what a wonderful find.

This homeowner had to take out several trees out of power lines but instead of just cutting them down they became a series of beautiful carvings.  We don't know if the owner did the work or had it done but whoever the artist was they were incredible detailed pieces of workmanship.

Entrance to the home had this beautiful wood gateway and this detailed bear

I wish my camera had captured the  intricate detail of this 9 foot bear!

This owl is about to make dinner of this squirrel. 

Sneaky panther

Loved this momma or pappa owl with it's family
Hope you enjoyed this great country road with me.  I wonder if we could find it again and take along a better camera.

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 Blessings, Debbie

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outdoor Nativity

I must first apologize for any that have checked here and not seen anything new in awhile.  My mom fell the end of October and then Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went way too fast!  We made several trips to Kansas over those months and well, I just had a hard time taking the time to sit and write.

At Christmas we were in my husbands hometown of Pratt, Kansas.  The hospital in the center of town has always put up one of the most beautiful nativities I have ever seen.  It is life size and has been there for at least the 40 years we have been married.

They also decorate with lights the Lemon park and have a free drive through from Thanksgiving to Christmas and is a must at least once while we are home.  The park is large with hundreds of animals and figures.  One of my favorite is a dragon in the center of the lake.  Unfortunately, my pictures didn't take well, but I was able to find these from that park on the web.

Pray you all had wonderful holidays and I am so glad to be back in the chair and visiting with you. 

Blessings, Debbie
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