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Thursday, September 30, 2010

REX antique paper cutter. 
They were orriginally used in meat stores.A great find and valued for years.
I found this at a garage sale years ago.
  I had never really thought of it as vintage until I looked it up on line.  
When the kids were little I kept drawing paper on it. 
 It works perfect in my kitchen for my large rolls of aluminum  foil. 

I looked for it on line and found it's value at around $175.  I think I paid $5. for it...

If you haven't voted for your favorite vintage truck make sure you do. Go to here 
And thanks to all those great blogging friends who have! Debbie

Suzanne at the Colorado Lady Thanks Suzanne for hosting this great opportunity to show off our finds.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday,Watery Wednesday and REDnesday

The dock is coming along and should be done the first of next week.  The electric is run and they are putting the lifts in tomorrow!  We have had such a dry summer the water is really down so it will be good to get the boat in before it is  too low.  Thought you might enjoy seeing Jasmine in her life jacket.  The water gets really deep about 3 more feet out and she starts to panic so until she is a little more sure of herself we felt this would be safer.  

Also sharing a pic of my canning.  I THINK I am almost done.  I do want to can about 6 more jars of salsa.  The RED is a cucumber cinnamon ring.  Then applesauce and then the salsa.

Have a Blessed week and make sure you visit 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Marriage, Blessed from on High. 
Not every moment has been perfect.  We have lived with and without.
Our children were not perfect as we thought they would be, being raised in a good Christ centered home.
Our health is not perfect.  Some short term, some longterm problems.
But I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt
I am blessed.

Yesterday I posted this for pink Saturday.  Because I KNOW my marriage is only good because of the goodness of our God I decided to also post it with Spiritual Sunday.

September 25, 1971

Pink Roses and Orchid for a perfect Saturday

Today we celebrate 39 years of a blessed marriage.  
The ceremony was beautiful.  
The flowers and dresses simple compared to today
The reception was in the basement of the church 
with cake and punch. 

Maybe couples need to return to the simplicity 
and concentrate on the commitment.

Blessings to all you  wonderful Pink Sat. Bloggers.
 participating with all those others crazy about pink with Beverly @

Fall Favorites Link Party & Giveaway

Cruising through Blog-land today I chanced on this great party and giveaway!

Here are my 5 favorites

F stands for FUNI love all seeing all the creative costumes  parents come up with.  My daughter is one of the most creative people I know! She did a beautiful job on Her little girls costumes for the past 2 years.
My little lady bug

A stands for  Apple Cider and all the other great warm comfort foods that show up on the table when it starts cooling off.

L stands for leaves turning
 Red and orange are two of my  favorite colors.
 I love looking out my window across the lake at all the beautiful trees turning.

L  stands for Love
Sept 25 we celebrate the beginning of our lives together.
 It was a beautiful fall day MANY years ago.

And for number 5  Time with Family I love the fall holidays and time with family and friends

My mom and I a couple of years ago. When she visited in October.
 I still question WHY did I cut my hair????

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Antique Toy Trucks - Family Competition for Bragging Rights 

Linking up with 
Vintage Thingie Thursday
In early September three sisters went to a flea market.
What one bought the others wanted.
SO all three bought antique toy trucks.
We decided it would be fun to have a contest for bragging rights as to who did the most creative job.

Everyone who votes will have their name in a drawing for a miniature antique truck. We will choose a name at the end of October.

   #1 Happy Harvest

#2 Gone Hunting

#3 Pumpkin Patch

Just leave a message with your choice.  Make sure you have your e-mail available so we can get an address to send the miniature truck to the lucky voter.  No need to follow unless you really want to.

I don't know how to do a side badge so if you want to pass our blog along we would love to get LOTS of votes.. You can copy our picture and link it to us if you want with just the words Vote.

You can also vote at Ann's Tin and Sparkle

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Days 1935

Today I am joining Kard Krazy for Tag Tuesday.  I have been really busy so... I have done my tag to cover the week of School Days and Banners.  This picture is of my daddy in 1935.  He was 12.  My sister Ann of Tin and Sparkle used another picture of Dad and some of his brothers and sisters in a school photo.

Thanks for stoping in and make sure you go to Kard Krazy to check out last weeks School days and this next weeks challenge of using Banners.

Have a blessed week!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink so many shades, too few walls!

I am SO honored to be chosen to be featured this week on 
Beverly's PINK Saturday blog party! 
Thank you Beverly!!!
Make sure you go and check out all the other great pink posts!

I am an artist that owned my own business, DD Designs, painting murals.  
Because of Degenerative Arthritis in my spine and hip, I have not been working for over two years.   I received a call from a mom of a teen a couple of weeks ago who wanted to have her room painted for her birthday. 
 I decided I would try... 
hurting neck, 
hurting hip, 
hurting back.  
Guess it wasn't such a great idea. 
I did enjoy the interaction with the client 
and love the finished product.

Here are pictures of the finished room.
Stripes and circles in 
pink, green and purple.
They say pink is a calming color, 
I don't think they were thinking 
of this shade!

if you want to paint stripes without the paint bleeding paint your background color (for this wall it was the pink).  After using a level to tape off the stripes repaint over the background color along the tape.  When, not if, the paint bleeds, the background color will bleed, sealing the tape and you get an awesome straight line!  Thank you HGTV!

The canvas above is 4x 2 1/2.  
The 14 year old wanted paint splashes 
on this pink wall 
but I talked her into a painting, 
splashes are SOOOOO hard to cover up that you have to sand the wall first. 

I hope you enjoyed todays 
BRIGHT Pink.  
I have other rooms I have painted on my older posts. If you have the time, check them out.
Have a blessed week! Debbie

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Morning! It's Vintage Thursday.  Today I want to share a couple of small vases I bought in the past couple of months.  One I bought at a yard sale and the other at a flea market I went to with my sister Ann (tin and sparkle).  We spent two days at a wonderful flee market in Sparks, Kansas.  The second day our younger sister drove up and spent the day with us.  We had so much fun.  I live 8 hours away and don't get to get home often enough.

Here are my wonderful finds.
This cute vase does have a small paint chip on the lip of the vase but the detail work and little gold dots were just too beautiful to pass up for $3.50. Well, actually I like to barter so I paid less.

Its 5 inches tall. The vase is a Hand Painted Nippon Pitcher by Dow Sie Cot Ure 

This pitcher is marked 
Royal Crown Chantilly Rose.  Hand painted 1943
I paid $5. for it.  I love the unique handle.
Thanks to one of the readers I found out it was from Japan during war years.

I have no Idea if I got anything of monetary value but I think they are so pretty!

Have a blessed week. Debbie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on the dock! 

Today I am joining Susan at Outdoor Wednesday and Watery Wednesday and Rednesday.
 Make sure you visit and check out the other great blogs..

Our contractor had to take a week off of work.  He is a single father of a 9 and 7 year old.  On Monday of last week his ex wife passed away due to complications of alcohol. His youngest, a daughter, is really struggling.  Please pray for his family.  

He came back to work this Monday and has been making some awesome progress!  We are really looking forward to the next big party to use all this wonderful space.  Our yard is 70 foot across.  The walkway covers the old concrete retaining wall that is now being held up with 8 of the 5" poles and tons of rock. The dock itself is 16 x 24!  Yes, we did leave some swimming area. lol

RED shorts.  Can you imagine feeling safe on this ladder?

Today the roof over the boat slips goes on!

Just for fun I thought I would add a picture I painted several years ago.  It's hanging at my moms.  My dad made the frame from wood that he found on the old farm place he grew up on.  It is part of the original barn.

I painted this when I was taking oil painting lessons in Germany from a master artist. Herr Fritz Gorlach..

Have a blessed week! Debbie

Sue Rednesday

Monday, September 13, 2010

Art Text Book and jacket painting  for Blue Monday
 to check out other great posts just click on the Blue Monday that is in blue!

I am always so excited to see who stops by. 
 Today I want to share one of my few antique books. 
 I taught art for several years and when I found this book at a library sell I was really excited!  
It hangs in my art room and I love to take it down once in awhile and just skim through it.

The copy right is 1904!  
A few of the pages are in color but most are black and white.  .

One of our granddaughters owned this beautiful horse.  I painted her a jacket to wear when riding.

Because they live in town the cost of upkeep became too much but she still has the wonderful memories of her very own Sapphire.

Thanks agin for coming by and sharing the time with me.  Blessings. Debbie

Saturday, September 11, 2010


1 Corinthians 13:13 (New International Version)

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.





What a wonderful service we had this morning. 
As I sat in the presence of the Lord It felt like a river run over my soul.

I realized that the worship was like a hoe, cultivating my mind, 
to accept what the Lord had for me to hear.  
Had I not joined in the worship it would have been like a deluge of rain, running off of hard dried soil, 
unable to accept the nourishment meant for it.  
May God fill your heart and bless you all the way to the tip of your toes!