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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rome day 1

First day in Rome.
     Jet lag and no idea where to start.
We decided the best way to get an over view of the city was the famous Red  two deck Tour bus.

   Our friends would arrive tomorrow and we knew we would be visiting the top sights with them.
So here are a few shots from the upper level of the tour bus.  Hope you will come back, We vacationed for almost a month visiting Rome, Pompey, many Greek islands, Turkey, Slovenia and Croatia.

 We had such beautiful blue skies!

Loved the reflection on this picture.

Saint Peters Basilica

The Coliseum
We had a wonderful dinner at a small restaurant we found on a back street.  
I ordered lasagna but it was so different than the American style I am used to.  
A puff pastry filled with cheese and veggies.

Bob and I love to walk back streets so after the bus tour we got off and just wandered.  
A favorite thing of ours is all they unusual doors we have photographed on many of our trips.  
Here are two from Rome.

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