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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Joining  up today withu

Where I blog from
Outside these windows is the view of the lake we live on.
I have been blogging since August of this year and truly enjoy the chance to connect with others that love life and sharing it.

Sunrise from my deck

Blessings to you all!
Family Tag Momma and Me

Today I am finally posting my tag for last weeks challenge with and Louise.

I have always loved this picture of 
my momma and I.   
It was taken in October of 1954. 
I turned 2 in November of that year. 
I found the Life magazine cover on Google images.  It's hard to read that small,
 but it was from Oct. of 1954.  
Thanks for coming by hope you will stop in again.  Debbie

Friday, August 27, 2010


Spiritual Sunday and Pink Saturday Post
We are sharing this wonderful weekend for an  Inspiring makeover reveal for Colette

This week I have pondered all of the miracles I have experienced in my life.

God's provision
God's protection
God's peace
God's healing

So I thought I would share one short story about each.

God's Miraculous provision

In 1979 we were getting ready to leave the army and move home to finish my husbands masters.
We were quite pour to say the least!  We sat down and put together the cost to rent a trailer, hotel and food cost plus gas for the trip from Florida to Kansas.  We came up with the number of $342. 
We knew we would really have to save to have that much.
When shopping I picked up an envelope in the parking lot.   I did not make a habit of this so I was quite surprised to realize it was cash, a LOT of cash.
When I got home I called the store to report the find giving our name and phone number and the fact that it was cash without giving an amount.
After the 2 months before we moved I kept the money in the envelope in the dresser drawer waiting for the call I knew would come.

It didn't.
And yes, it was exactly $342.

God's Miraculous protection

My husband was on night duty on base.  
I was home with two small children.
Someone was trying to get into the house.
As I laid there and prayed for God to protect us I opened my eyes and
the brightest white figure filled the bedroom door.
I cried out OK God I believe
as I pulled the covers over my head
Whoever it was trying to break down the door went away.

God's peace

Not always the easiest to obtain!
Our son left home with his 16 year old girlfriend right after his 18th birthday.

There were many nights I cried my self to sleep.
I could not understand why
We had no idea where they were for 3 months.

Only with God's peace was I able to go through that tough time.

God's healing

Last September I woke up and got my husband off to work.
It was like any other normal morning.
I started getting a headache about 10 am
I was supposed to drive my friend and I to the gym.
I called her to let her know I had a headache she said she would drive.
When she got to the house my headache had gotten worse.
Within 15 minutes I couldn't stand and my speech had become slurred.
She called 911
I had had a major stroke but because God had orchestrated the timing for me not to be in the car and my friend to be at my house I was able to get to the hospital within the 3 hour time frame to receive the drug 
tPA   that cleared the clot.  I spent the next two days in ICU but came home with almost no side effects from the stroke. 

These are only a few of the stories of God's intervention in my life.  I pray they have given you hope in whatever place you find yourself today.

Bob and I this past January on a cruise ship
God Bless you,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday   Grandmas Rocker

It's Thursday and time to share all those things around our home that we consider Vintage.

Today I am sharing my Grandmothers Rocker.

Many years ago when we moved back from Germany we had shipped some boxes back to KC to mom and dads.  It was finally time to move them to our home in Springfield Mo. which by the way was actually quite vintage.

Because we had been in the Army we had some stuff we were shipping back but much of our furniture was government issued.

While packing our truck I saw Gma's rocker in the corner of the basement.  It was in need of being recovered and the springs were pretty well worn out.  I asked dad what the plan for the rocker was and there wasn't one.  So I asked if I could have it.

The reason I tell this story is that I have 3 sisters and many times they have asked "how did you luck out and get gma's rocker...  :-)

My grandparents had gotten this rocker as a wedding gift sometime in the 1920"s.

When I did research on the rocker to refinish it I found that many chairs were made of rope and that stripping it would have ruined it.

It is painted a very light gray, almost white.

I love the fabric I chose.  The springs had to go, too many broken but I used the wood frame they were in and cut 6" foam to fit so it is the same thickness the original seat was.  I had mentioned giving it to my oldest sister for her sun porch but well, she got lots of new furniture and I still have a very special chair in my living room....sorry sis....

Hope you enjoyed seeing my special chair. Blessings, Debbie

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Monday Heron and other guests
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I LOVE living on the lake.  
There are so many wonderful joys 
that I didn't even know I was missing 
when we lived in the city.  
Quiet nights and stars so bright.  
Not to forget the unique guests 
we get to entertain. 
Beaver next to our dock

Black Mink!!! Yes this is IN my yard!  The family live under the dock next door

Red Headed Woodpecker

greedy squirrel on our deck
I actually had a Raccoon eating from the same feeder but couldn't get to my camera fast enough!
Beautiful deer 
And many Blue Heron This one was enjoying a stroll across our yard
Graceful Swan
And since this is The PAINT Splash...
sweet fawn

Sunday, August 22, 2010

 Today I am joining Charlotte and Ginger at

This morning our pastor announced that we would be going from 3 to 2 services.
The first service is mostly people over 65... and only about 60 attend. 
They are pretty upset. Change is never easy
I only wish and pray they could see the bigger picture.

We actually attend this service, my hubby leads the song service.

I am excited to be going back to the other service
Worshiping with over 700 voices strong
Lifting up the name of our Lord together.

Some don't like the size
Some don't like the sound
Don't they realize Heaven won't be  in small groups of all the same age?
That the throngs will gather to worship as one?

Do they not realize the wisdom and knowledge they are withholding
 from the younger members of the body?

Pray for our congregation  as we enter this time of change and for the hearts of the elderly that they will understand their worth to the whole church.

Thanks and God's Blessings Debbie

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Saturday Butterfly and Little Bo-Peep
Thanks for joining Beverly at  a visit other pink Saturday posts.

While watching our dock being torn out (see my Wednesday post) this beautiful butterfly honored me with it's presence.  I love this shot I was able to get because I had my camera ready for shots of the dock I was taking. 

Isn't the orange,blue and purple beautiful?
 Of course wee can't forget the pink flower.

I'm also adding a room I painted 
for a great niece several years ago. 
Hope you enjoy the tour of the 
Bo-Peep room

Have a great weekend 
God Bless,  Debbie

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The dock on our property was built 14 years ago and not well cared for before we bought the place. The wood is splintering and the wood poles holding up the dock are growing trees.

Out with the Old and in with the NEW!
Outdoor Wednesday is brought to you by Susan at 

 The room above is one I painted in a church.Thought it was perfect to share since it has a dock.  :-} and yes even the bathrooms were painted.  Look past my ladder and see one of the surf boards.

That's a lot of mud!  Our water was only about a foot deep at the shore line.  
We will be putting in about 3 inches of small gravel.

Check back in  for more progress!
God Bless Debbie

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I went straight to my craft room when I read this weeks challenge!  Making a tag without using paper!

My tag is made with 3 layers of aluminum foil glued and cut to my tag shape.  Then on the computer I printed the song Amazing grace on clear transparency film. Then I printed the picture of Christ over the song.  After gluing it to the foil I used orange ink to highlight the picture.  Last I punched holes and used the shell crosses at the bottom.  Getting the picture took about 4 try s because of the glare but I love it.  It's probably one of my personal favorites.
Have a blessed week. Debbie

join us with your creation at Louise's Tag Challenge

Monday, August 16, 2010

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Blue Monday Eagle
Spread your wings and FLY

This beautiful eagle was sitting in the tree outside my office window last Feb. around dawn. 
 I was looking through our files and thought what a perfect Blue Monday post.

Have a Blessed week.  Debbie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prayer request.  I just talked to my youngest sister.  Her adult daughter a young mother of three under 3, received news this week that tests results say she has Crohn's disease. She is the  bread winner right now because her husband is in school. She is believing for a miracle. Please pray with me for Jessica.

Spiritual Sunday

I got to thinking, shouldn't every day be Spiritual?

So many people keep their Spiritual clothes in the closet until Sunday morning.
They get up and put on their best mask, dust off their bible and head to church.

As they walk in the door they put on a smile like they put on their lip stick that morning.
They sing with gusto.
They shake hands and greet those around them with a "how are you this morning?" while thinking about if they turned off the iron.

They answer the same question with "Just fine thank you", while dying inside because of the pain of the argument with their spouse or their kids before they left home.

They put their offering in the basket, folded small so no one around them will know they put in less than they spent on their morning cup of java, bagel and news paper.

They say God Bless in the benediction before they run out the door to be the first in line at the local buffet.

Let's be real

Put on your Spiritual Garments every day!

Isaiah 61:3
bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. 

I pray God will bless you with a wonderful, fulfilling week full of 
His presence and peace.

Friday, August 13, 2010

When I saw this picture of Queen Victoria on Google images I knew she was perfect.
 Was her jewelry too heavy or was it mid-summer and 90 degrees?  

Thanks Louise for hosting this creative outlet!  
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am excited to share my little Germany boy today for Vintage Thingy Thursday with Suzanne and all the other lovers of things out grandparents handed down, our parents threw out and we bought.

This little musician is 5 inches tall and his wonderful hat feather is a wooden letter opener!  His markings are KE 25/0 crown over a w and stamped with a bee inside a V (R) .  I have never been able to find him in any of the Hummel books so have no idea if I have a real treasure but for 10 marks at a flee market back in the 70's I'm sure it is worth the $4. I spent. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ryan's Ranch
Today I want to share a 5year old's room I painted.  

Ryan wanted a ranch theme and what better way than to paint him his own ranch.  

A typical day on the ranch.  
To help these boots look more real, I got permission to paint on the white floor board.

Time to saddle up the horse!

His room created some fun challenges with the angles of the ceiling line and doors into the attic storage areas. 

Hope you enjoyed a bit different trip to the country. God Bless and have a great week. Debbie   Make sure you take the time to visit all the other great outdoor blogs that Susan has hosted for us at