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Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Monday Heron and other guests
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I LOVE living on the lake.  
There are so many wonderful joys 
that I didn't even know I was missing 
when we lived in the city.  
Quiet nights and stars so bright.  
Not to forget the unique guests 
we get to entertain. 
Beaver next to our dock

Black Mink!!! Yes this is IN my yard!  The family live under the dock next door

Red Headed Woodpecker

greedy squirrel on our deck
I actually had a Raccoon eating from the same feeder but couldn't get to my camera fast enough!
Beautiful deer 
And many Blue Heron This one was enjoying a stroll across our yard
Graceful Swan
And since this is The PAINT Splash...
sweet fawn


SmilingSally said...

You've captured some amazing wildlife shots.

Happy Blue Monday, Debbie!

Ann said...

I didn't realized you lived in an endangered species resovoir. Ha Ha. Great pictures of all the wildlife. The swans looks so regal! The woodpecker is pretty cool.

Lesa said...

Cool critters! I live in the woods and constantly take photos of wildlife too-- I use the video function on my camera as well to catch some of their antics.

Thanks for visiting my Blue Monday!

Sarah said...

Hi Debbie!

Love your photography...thank you for sharing it with us! I got your note that you want to be added to my email reminder list for "What's Your Answer Wednesday". However, I can not access your email on your profile. You may email me at lostinavalon (at) ymail (dot) com and let me know what address you'd like me to send the reminder to. I'll be sending one out this evening.

Thanks so much and I really look forward to getting to know you better!


Rebecca said...

I'd love to live where you do-nature is the best entertainment and we seldom stop to enjoy it!

LV said...

What a lovely dock you have. I can see why you like it so well there. I cannot believe a mink is that close to you. My dad used to trap for them in his young life. They were not black as I recall.

Dena E's Blog said...

Wow,,love your header Sweetie,,and thse photots are Awsesome.. All Gods creatures,,The Squirrel is hilarious BTW!!! I do belive if it is ok I wll add on as follower here,,your soooo neat to always stop by and leave me a note..They mean sooo much!!! Love how you speak of God too!!!
Thanks for sharing about Him paint splash lady..You're deer painting is wonderful BTW..
I sooo hope we can get to know each other better...
Sorry for the late reply,,it seems I get to be the one starting a bug here in our home..I pray it is NOT a sign of things to come this flu season ;0)
Gods Blessings all around you and Hugs from me to You~~~ Dena

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

What a job to be able to see such fabulous creatures right in your own backyard! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. Where is this beatuiful lake house?