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Sunday, August 22, 2010

 Today I am joining Charlotte and Ginger at

This morning our pastor announced that we would be going from 3 to 2 services.
The first service is mostly people over 65... and only about 60 attend. 
They are pretty upset. Change is never easy
I only wish and pray they could see the bigger picture.

We actually attend this service, my hubby leads the song service.

I am excited to be going back to the other service
Worshiping with over 700 voices strong
Lifting up the name of our Lord together.

Some don't like the size
Some don't like the sound
Don't they realize Heaven won't be  in small groups of all the same age?
That the throngs will gather to worship as one?

Do they not realize the wisdom and knowledge they are withholding
 from the younger members of the body?

Pray for our congregation  as we enter this time of change and for the hearts of the elderly that they will understand their worth to the whole church.

Thanks and God's Blessings Debbie


sarah said...

change is really hard whatever the age.

Dianne said...

Love, love, love this picture you posted and yes change can be hard but I pray for a heart that is always open to changing methods but, of course, not the message.

If we do not change with the times in our methods, we will lose the next generation since it is a different world out there.

Prayers for your sweet congregation!

So glad to be in touch with someone who also does painting on canvas. I usually paint acrylics on large canvases with some type of lettering.

I will be looking forward to seeing some of your work.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Change is never easy. It is easier for some than others. I think what you said about worshipping with a large group is a good one. Surely in heaven little groups won't want to get off by themselves and worship but will want to join in with the throngs.
Blessings to you and your church,

Whidbey Woman said...

Our church is changing, too... moving from 3 to 2 services. We are also changing the time that Sunday School meets. This desicion was made with much prayer and consideration, as I am sure it was at your church. God bless.

Cathy said...

I guess change is never easy for us older folks. I am a night owl though, and don't get up very early. Praying for your church ~

Ms. Bake-it said...

You are very correct. I have seen churches basically crumble because the elders did not want change. Without change, you cannot grow. I am not overly fond of change, but I am adaptable especially if the change will include spiritual growth.

I will pray for your church.

~ Tracy


If the church is changing it is alive. Sometimes the change is good. I do understand the older saints who worship better to the traditional service, singing from the old hymn book. I love those old hymns. I sing them in the shower all the time. But I do love the contemporary gospel and worship. So glad you joined in at Spiritual Sundays. I pray your church will prosper in the Lord. God bless, Dr. Bobbi