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Friday, March 28, 2014



One of the major stops on our cruise was a day in Turkey.  Our group hired a private driver and guide for the day.  It was a beautiful warm day.  Our first stop was the chapel and home that is believed to be where the Mother Mary of Jesus spent her last days.  At the cross Jesus told John to take care of his mother.  It is believed he took her to Ephesus.

  Anne Catherine Emmeraich, was a Augustinian nun who lived in Germany from 1774-1824.  Throughout her life, Emmerich had many visions about the life of Christ and Mary.  A German poet Clemens von Brentano spent five years working closely with Emmerich, recording the details of her visions.  She never left Germany but described the location and appearance of a small isolated house near Ephesus, where she said Mary lived and died. In 1891, a research team followed the path describe in Emmerich's visions and discovered this house which matched her descriptions.

There is a well there that many believe the water to contain healing powers.  There is also a pray wall that many visitors write their prayers on paper and put into the cracks of the stone wall.

Personally I believe Mary was blessed to be honored to give life to Jesus but not to the point of her having special powers.

A few miles down the road is the city of Ephesus.

Maybe you have read some of the letters written to the church of Ephesus in the Bible.  I never knew how enormous the city would have been.  Only 20% of the city has been excavated so you can tell from some of the photos how large it must have been.

Ephesus was an important center for Early Christianity for AD 50's.  Paul lived there working with the congregation and organizing missionary work.

During those years the Romans ruled and Christianity was actually against the law.  The Ephesians who were Christians used a secret code to allow others to know where they lived and the businesses they owned.  The circle was carved into the stone walks and into walls.  I'm not sure how "secret" they could have kept this sign. 
The guide explained the circle had all the letters of the name of Christ in the circle.

Some of the amazing carvings that have been discovered.

These cities were so modern.  The aquaducts carried in the water to the city.  Even the toilets had running water to flush out the waste. 
 Oh and this one I think we need, they had music playing to cover the sounds.  

We see how the wealthy lived in many of the beautiful homes that have been excavated.  The beautiful tile work in the floors and beautiful fresco work on the walls.
The homes had forced cool and hot air!

The amphitheater

Patty and I

One of the roads in Ephesus.  

After our tour we went to a traditional outdoor Turkish meal.  
The food was wonderful and plentiful.  

We toured where this same family has women who weave beautiful carpets out of silk.  They showed us how they soak the silkworm and then harvest it.

When asked which city we enjoyed visiting the most, Ephesus was definitely  our favorite.
Hope you enjoyed the visit.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

 Athens Greece

I have always wondered how they built the tall pillars.  Our guide showed us this stone. 
 The notches were used to lift the next stone into place then chipped off to make it smooth.  

From the Parthenon we could view Mars 

In the Bible
The Areopagus, like most city-state institutions, continued to function in Roman times, and it was then the the Apostle Paul delivered his famous speech about the identity of "The Unknown God."  According to the biblical account in Acts 17.

Olive groves we walked through's ok to say "it's greek to me"

On our bus tour we stopped to watch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.  The pageantry of the 30 minute changing was amazing to see.  These steps and kicks were precise.  

check out those pom-poms on their shoes.

Ate at a restaurant and just loved this stained glass window at the landing.  
They opened an upstairs section for our group of 14.

We enjoyed the travel so much on this cruise.  Next stop will be the Island of Mykonos.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

miss E

Last week I  posted a sweater set I had crocheted for my youngest Granddaughter.  I just got these sweet pictures from her mommy.  

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The Islands of Malta  

Malta is made of 7 islands but only three are inhabited.  The group we were with went in different directions today.  We really didn't want to pay for another tour but understand that we missed one of the best.  Maybe someday we can go back and see the Blue Grotto, the sea caverns on the south coast of Malta.

The picture below is the original zig-zag trail from the sea level up to the town. 

 Beautiful blues of the Mediterranean

One of the most interesting buildings was a small chapel 

on a side street.  St. Pau's Shipwreck Church.

The streets were stone and the majority painted the beautiful yellows with green balcony's 

The courtyard into the palace

 OK some of you know our obsessions with doors...a few of the ones we found in Malta

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Hope you enjoyed this picture tour of Malta