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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on the dock! 

Today I am joining Susan at Outdoor Wednesday and Watery Wednesday and Rednesday.
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Our contractor had to take a week off of work.  He is a single father of a 9 and 7 year old.  On Monday of last week his ex wife passed away due to complications of alcohol. His youngest, a daughter, is really struggling.  Please pray for his family.  

He came back to work this Monday and has been making some awesome progress!  We are really looking forward to the next big party to use all this wonderful space.  Our yard is 70 foot across.  The walkway covers the old concrete retaining wall that is now being held up with 8 of the 5" poles and tons of rock. The dock itself is 16 x 24!  Yes, we did leave some swimming area. lol

RED shorts.  Can you imagine feeling safe on this ladder?

Today the roof over the boat slips goes on!

Just for fun I thought I would add a picture I painted several years ago.  It's hanging at my moms.  My dad made the frame from wood that he found on the old farm place he grew up on.  It is part of the original barn.

I painted this when I was taking oil painting lessons in Germany from a master artist. Herr Fritz Gorlach..

Have a blessed week! Debbie

Sue Rednesday


Ann said...

Oh Deb, the dock and walkway look FAB. Can't wait to break it in!!!! I've always loved this picture.

Elaine said...

What a project..but I know you will enjoy it so very much.

~~Carol~~ said...

First I have to tell you that I love your blog banner! You're so lucky to live on a lake. It's my dream to live on one some day. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking out on the water, and I bet it looks different every single day, whether it's raining, foggy, snowy or sunny. That dock is amazing, and the perfect setting for some great parties. And that painting is stunning. You are incredibly talented!
Happy REDnesday!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Oh no, how heartbreaking! Sending good thoughts and prayers for your contractor and his little ones. Alcoholism touches so many lives and is so devastating.

You lucky! How wonderful to live on a lake! Your dock looks beautiful. (I can't believe how he is perched on that ladder, that's some kind of balance he's got!)

Your painting is just beautiful Debbie. The frame is wonderful in and of itself, but to have such history and feeling behind for your family, tugs at my heart. So lovely.

Happy Rednesday,

Shelley said... are so blessed to live near the water ...the header picture is beautiful...thanks for sharing...blessings

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

The painting is fantastic. You are blessed with a beautiful view around your place.

My Watery Wednesday post

Lana said...

Beautiful! And we are in the same state! found you on Outdoor Wednesday. I'm up here in the northwest corner a county north of Purdue. My husband and I farm. Please stop by for a visit at

Love Bears All Things said...

You are very talented and your boat dock is going to be so special.
Mama Bear

Parsley said...

Jasmine stole my heart right away!! You have such a lovely view of the lake. I can imagine just curling up with some hot tea, a good book, and Jasmine at my feet relishing in God's greatness.

I'm following now.

J Bar said...

This is quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh - your painting is just beautiful, and how neat to have the old barn wood for a frame. It must be wonderful to live by the water. Your view is stunning. Hugs, Patti

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

Y0ur painting is great,and y0ur place to live was a dreamy one.

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Jeanne said...

Hi Debbie, first your dock is awesome. It is really coming along. I know you are looking forward to the finished project. IT IS SO BIG. Smile.

Your painting is awesome.
Hugs, Jeanne

Linda said...

Your dock is really coming along...It looks so nice. The picture you painted is beautiful and I can see where you get the talent becuase that frame is amazing by itself! Prayers to your contractor and his family.