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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 2 London

The second day of our Europe Vacation or Holiday as we heard so often took us to  London. 
 Early Saturday morning we took a taxi from our hotel in Basingstoke  to the train station. Then the Tube or Underground to our hotel. Bringing all our luggage was always crazy!  Hubby had worked the week before so he had one suitcase with his dress clothes from work, his laptop/ briefcase a suitcase with his casual clothes.  I had one suitcase and a backpack, and granddaughter Lexi  had a suitcase, backpack and guitar!    Once on the train we enjoyed a breakfast and sat back and enjoyed the hour into London.

When we got to the Tube we had the joy
of several sets of stairs to maneuver.
Which ment Hubby walked up with some luggage,
I stayed at the top,
Lexi , another wonder L,
stayed at bottom until all the luggage was up.
Hubby wouldn't even let me carry my backpack!

Our hotel was only a block from the tube station!
 Unfortunatally the gracious truck driver who used his gps to help us find it stod up
 and the gps didn't turn directions.  We wallked 6 blocks the wrong direction!

Our first day in London we decided to take the big red tour bus around town.  It was a typical day in London and it rained most of the day.  Hubby  and Lexi braved the weather and sat on the top working their way to the covered front as other got off. 

Westminister Abby

The Iconic Red Phone booth!
The London Eye

We did get off and walk some but looked forward to tomorrow when the weather said it would be a clear day.

 Hope you will come back next week!
Blessings, Debbie

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chubskulit said...

ONe of the places I dream to visit.

Littlest Petshop
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Ann said...

Beautiful pictures even in the rain. Lexi looks so happy, the Red Bus Tour I'm sure was fun. The tube sounds pretty cool--I want to visit too.

craftyles said...

Love that double decker bus and red phone booth. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

LV said...

I am enjoying the tip very much. Looking forward to our next stop.

jewaicious said...

Great shots and trip history. I love London...been there many times.

Ann said...

You going to stay until the Olympics? That phone booth, does the phone work?

Roger Owen Green said...

my wife's been there but I have not. someday...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Jerla Oh lalala said...

must be a really cool place to visit :D

mine is up hope to see u thre

Jill said...

I wouldn't mind to be touring around London right now-looks wonderful....

Jake said...

London is almost my favourite city in the world!
So glad you had a great time even if it rained.
Thanks for dropping by and visiting me.