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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Water rescue

Hi welcome to the Paint Splash!  Hope you enjoy your visit.  

This past week we had a horrid wind storm that took a much loved double swing
 for a ride across the lake.  I got a phone call from a neighbor, she and her
husband had seen our swing floating.  None of us have our boats in the water yet, they are all still wrapped and winterized, so he offered to take his cannoe out to try to bring back our wayward swing set.  Now you must know it is not a light weight set.  It has two triangle frame ends plus the top bar and swing all constructed from wood. The wind was still quite strong and very cold.  I was not very comfortable with him going out with the wind still blowing but armed with rope and paddle he forged into the cold water.

After fighting the wind and bringing back one of the ends he was really tired.  The wind was so strong he had to come back to house 3 lots down.  We got that peice on land and pulled in the boat.  We would just need to take our losses. The husband realized as fast as the wind was blowing the rest of the set was on the other side of the lake and we had no idea which way the wind would take it.  
The neighbor actually got in his car, drove 4 miles around the lake and found the set!  
He tied it to a dock and he and my honey rescued it Sunday.  
We have amazing neighbors!
On Saturday we were able to visit with some friends from a Layfette where we lived while Hubby was doing his doctorate at Purdue  We had not seen these great friends in years and were so happy that they wanted to drive down to see our place and visit. We hung out and visited then took a drive.  They knew of a place called Clinton Falls and The Eagle Nest.  It was proably only a 30 minute drive from our place.  So we jumped in their van (our car is too small for 4 for any long ride) and were out to find these spots.

Clinton Falls, how wonderful a sound I hope to have a picnic on that rock this summer.

The Eagle nest.  It has been here for years and the eagles should be back in the spring!
 I am looking forward to going back and getting mor pictures.  It is amazing, proabaly 3 foot across.

Then we went to a small cafe, bar called the Fluttering Duck.
We were told it was a coffee shop in the 1920's on DePauw campus.
Have a grreat week!
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~~Carol~~ said...

Wow, that was some wind, to take down a swingset! Love that shot of Clinton Falls. So much beauty to be found outdoors, even in winter!
Happy REDnesday,

W. Latane Barton said...

I'm surprised that swing did not end up in Oz!! Glad it found it's way back home with the help of neighbor and hubby. Hope you don't get another big wind like that.

LV said...

Thank goodness we have not had weather like that here yet. We just need a hard freeze and then spring come in like it should. It is reported Texas is in for another hot, dry summer.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The Fluttering Duck looks like a homey, welcoming place.

Splash of Desert Red

SueLovesCherries said...

Never a dull moment, huh? What an adventure! Definitely a pretty picnic spot - glad your friends took you for a drive!