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Monday, March 28, 2011

Metamorphosis Monday

We have lived on the lake now for 7 years.  Where does time go?  One of the things we wanted to change was our gas fireplace with all it's bright gold finish back into a wood burning fireplace.  We will eventually put in a good insert so it actually will heat the the winter but, we both love a real fire.  So, I had someone come out and take out the gas log and turn off the gas under the house.  We kept the line for resale options.

It will be awhile, after the building of the new dock 
and buying the jet ski's, to putting in the insert.
 I REALLY didn't like the gold and it REALLY didn't go with the style I want which is arts and crafts, mission.

I took off the front and sanded it down

The handles wouldn't come off or I would have kept the wood centers but that's ok,
it won't be forever anyway.

I purchased a high heat black paint that can handle up to 1200 degrees.  I had hoped to find something in a hammered finish but I couldn't find it in the right heat resistant paint. 

Another "trick" is to purchase a simple spray paint handle  It clips right on top of the can and makes it much easier to get a nice smooth finish without runs. 
I use these anytime I spray paint. 
They can be purchased at almost any store in the paint department. 

So now I have the fireplace in a black finish that blends much better with my lamps and furniture.  

Have a blessed day!  And happy refinishing!

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Ann said...

OOOOOO I love the black. The red accents look great!!!! Love the metamorposis.