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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spiritual Sunday

Today was a wonderful service.  Our pastor is teaching a series on Forgiveness.

It's amazing to drive by other churches and see that God is laying the same subject on so many hearts.
I wanted to share a quote from Pastor today that I feel is so deep.

'"It is a sign of Spiritual growth when we 
to develop the ability to forgive others". Pastor Ron

It is so true, there is freedom through forgiveness.

Forgiveness, not just from God but from those around us every day, 
those we live with, work with, 
and put up with.
Thank you Charlotte and Ginger for Spiritual Sundays

Blessings today and throughout the week. Debbie


Clif said...

Oh how we need forgiveness and we need to be forgiving. I'm pleased to hear that you are having a series of messages on this. Our preacher is doing a year long series on grace. For the next few weeks he will be preaching on grace and the family. Today his message was about grace and marriage.

Virginia said...

There is such freedom in forgiveness...God help us to forgive!

Sherry said...

It is wonderful to be able to forgive but even more awesome when God forgives us. Great post. Thank you.

Pamela said...

Forgiveness is such a gift--both when recieved and given. I've been on both sides. Best of all, I've been forgiven by God through the blood of Jesus. Oh, blessed thought!

Ann said...

Great post Deb. I'm sure this would be a great series.

Charlotte said...

This is so true. Forgiveness is a necessity for so many reasons. Thank you for this reminder.