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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue Monday Blue Angles Take Flight

Today I am joining all the others at  BLUE MONDAY to share a great experience my hubby and I had last spring.

We were sitting in a VERY small local restaurant  on a Saturday morning with another couple.
A man walked up to us and asked if we had any plans for the day.  Rather strange from a complete stranger but we answered honestly, no.  He then told us his son was a member of the Blue Angels team that were having an air show about an hour away.  He had 4 extra tickets and wanted to know if we would like to go. FREE!  The tickets to enter the show were $18. a piece so we were elated.
When we got to the air park we found out they were VIP tickets for family.  We had center stage for this awesome show plus free food and drink!  What a blessing!  My husband had always wanted to go but had not even told me.   I am in awe of the formations he was able to shoot with his camera.  Some of the shots look like they are sitting in the air still.  The one set of parachuters I added are amazing.  Jumping out of an airplane is crazy enough but connected to THREE others is plain...well anyway they were great. Hope you enjoy the show.

Blessings to you and those you love this week. Debbie


Parsley said...

What a fun treat!!!

Linda said...

Awesome photos! What a nice man to give you the extra sons live near Miramar base in San Diego and the Blue Angels practice there's alway fun to watch them fly over head.

Parsley said...

I would have emailed but didn't see one to leave this info. Hope it's okay here.

You commented about Jasmine having Hip Dysplasia. I'm so sorry. My labradoodle Molly has it and I have her on MSM/Glucosamine it is slowing the progression. Please try it. I get mine off the HUMAN shelf for my dog.

Ann said...

What a great deal to fall in your hands. Such a nice stranger. The pictures look great----glad you had a chance to go.