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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

80's in October  Scarecrows and the Irises are in bloom!

Outdoor Wednesday and REDnesday

This has been such an odd year.  
We had nights in the 40's in September 
and now we are having day's in the 80's!  
The fall colors are remarkable
but the oddity is that many of my flowers are re-blooming!  
I have NEVER in my life time seen Irises bloom in October...or September or August for the matter of fact!  
It's such an odd sight with the fall colored leaves.

I promised some more of Danville's scarecrows hope you enjoy these.

Not sure who made this one 
The local chiropractor's office

Harvest Moon...? hmm I think it must be a plumber lol

K-9 police force

Bailey's a local pub

No idea who did this one but quite an undertaking.

Have a blessed week. Debbie


Light and Voices said...

Oh my....looks like a fun place to visit for Halloween. Nice post!
Joyce M

Natasha said...

Debbie, you are making me wish it was Fall over again here! Our weather has been weird too. It is supposed to be spring here but the temps are getting lower, the rain is falling harder and my house flooded on the weekend! I hope Summer arrives soon!

Best wishes and happy Fall,

Donnie said...

I loved the Harvest We have a few of those around here too. My roses have rebloomed here too but that's not too unusual for Western NC.

Nora Johnson said...

Love all the Red here!
What a great blog you have -Happy Rednesday!

Lola & Nora:)
btw Here’s my quick Rednesday link! Do join the fun!

Ann said...

Your flowers are unseasonably beautiful. Danville really goes all out, so neat. Beautiful pics.
Hugs Ann