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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Fun

The room I am showcasing today was a basement family room.  

Painting on concret block can be hard but if you take your time the final product is worth it.
hanging from the light post painted to the left of the picture is a game board that I painted the family name on.

The game boards are real games they can take down.  The home owner found them on eBay.  
The chess pieces  at the floor are painted I found the one one the floor at a thrift shop. It was dark brown so I painted and antiqued it with a brown rub.  I also pained some faux brick in a few places around the room.

 Croquet  game is a family favorite
 for their outside time

They had to have their dog Penny somewhere in the room.

This light post holds a chalk board. It was painted so that the daughter could write her piano lessons on it.  The mom wanted it unique so I painted brick in the corner and made the black look like it was being pealed off.


The homeowner was going to throw out these tv trays and try to find something more fun for the room. I saved them from the trash, sanded them down and painted these games for her. 
 She absolutely LOVED them! 

Well, I guess thats about it for this game room!  Hope you enjoyed the tour. 

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Ann said...

This is another great room. I really like the trays, what fun to use these in the game room. The banker looks so cute on the Monopoly Game. I also love the puppy by the bowling ball! So cute. have a super day.