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Monday, May 31, 2010

To Our Hero's

This nation will remain the
land of the free only so long 
as it is the home of the brave

Today I want to honor my father who passed away 
Sunday June 7, 1992

He is still dearly missed.  Daddy served as an US Army Air Corps Staff Sgt. in World War II 

Dad is on the right

I never knew my dad knew how to ski until I saw this picture about 4 years ago.

Dad at work bringing in planes from Japan.

One interesting fact...He was bunk mates with Charlton Heston!

Without the courage of people like my dad,
 my husband and my brother-in-law 
this land we call FREE would not exist.

Freedom is NEVER Free

Take time today to remember those who 
have fought and are fighting 
for YOUR freedom.

1 comment:

Ann said...

Deb, this is beautiful. I was thinking of honoring Dad too, I'm glad you did. He looks so great sitting at the radio. Have a wonderful day today.