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Thursday, May 20, 2010

When I'm the Happiest

I know that I am my happiest when I am giving.
If it is on the mission field or in homes, I am a drawn to children.
We have served on the field on short term building trips to
Quito Ecuador 4 times now.
Each trip we visit the barrio above Quito where our church has helped build a school. The children there usually only receive one meal a day. The one served by the school and the Latin American Child Care program.We sponsor a beautiful little girl Nellie. The children who attend this school must be so poor that when the school visits the home there cannot be any meat in the home. Most live at a poverty level that most americans can not even imagine. When we met her she was sitting at the end of the table I was just drawn to her, not knowing her name.

When they told us her name was Nellie
I started to cry
My mothers name is Nellie
What a miracle that
God would take me to a part of the world I would have never visited
To be able to help this child receive a good education and a meal a day.

This is one of my paintings that was inspired by the people in Ecuador.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, I came over from Ann's blog. I got to know her and your Mom through a bottle swap for Mother's day. I am a beginning art student, 3 years and am in 7th heaven. I would like to welcome you to blogland. Your paintings are magnificent. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Ann said...

I love the new background!!!Did you have any trouble loading it?

Ann said...

Nellie is adorable and you are certainly blessed beyond measure to be able to sponsor her.
Your sister, Ann, told us all about your new blog and I would be delighted to be your 2nd follower! You will love the blogging world.:) Welcome.
Have a wonderful weekend.
The Tattered Tassel