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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok, I can't figure out how to add the
Blue Monday thing...
So I will post my blog then figure it out tomorrow.
Today I am sooooo excited.
I got a new BLUE car yesterday!

What better way to start adding to Blue Mondays!
So in "honor" of my blue car I thought it appropriate
to choose some of the rooms I have painted
(mostly for little boys of course)
of cars.

This daddy LOVES fast cars so hopefully his son will too.
I love to add fun things like the birth date as the license plate numbers.
This is a picture of a car his daddy had restored.
Daddy also likes to drag race so the back wall has graffiti.
The parents love it, the baby,
well he was only a few days old.

This room was painted for a family who loved the beach.
They had just moved from California
and added some beach to each of the children's rooms.
The surf board was the little boys hand prints
the second board was marked in inches on the yellow line for his height.
This last picture is one of the Sunday School rooms at a local church.
We painted for 15 weeks in this churches new children's wing.
We had a team of 3 and had a blast.
The teachers love it as much as the children.
Each room has a different theme. This room was the city.
Have a WONDERFUL day!


Ann said...

These are great, I've never seen the beach one, that is a cool car. I'll show you how to link for next Monday.

Nettie Christensen said...

Those were very beautiful wall arts, Deborah! I can see that you have some liking for the color blue and cool autos! Well, both are cool and attractive so it is not hard to love them. I definitely like the 3rd photo. The beach is in perfect contrast with the vehicle, and I think the mural can be a cool reminder of summer days and road trips!

Dante Mallet said...

These car wallpapers are adorable. I wouldn’t mind having one in my room. It will surely liven up the space. And since I love nice cars, I think the second photo would be apt. :-)

Leisa said...

I love that picture of the car on the beach! I'm a beach person and I always go to the beach as much as I can during the summer. I love waking up in a room like that and imagine the feeling of the beach breeze just by looking at it.

Leisa Dreps