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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 6 Europe Vacation

 Day 6 Traveling from Paris to South of France
Today was Lexi's 16th birthday
Woke up in Paris and gathered all our belongings.  We took a Taxi to the air port where the car rental was.   A travel day at our leisure, so lots of wonderful stops along the way.  We love to just watch the countryside and if we see something we want to explore, we are willing to drive off the main road.  We have discovered the most beautiful places this way.

Seeing this city in the distance we had to go.  We found a completely walled in city that was still very lived in.

A stop for lunch in a small town along the way
We saw this church off in the distance.
We were amazed to find this beautiful cementary to walk through.
The dates were as old as 1600's.

Antique shop along the way.

Suze-la_Rousse Bed and Breakfast.  We had missed our turn and called the owners.
 They drove to meet us at 10 pm!  They also e-mailed us these pictures of what their place looked like when it was purchased to be turned into the B & B.
What an amazing transformation!

Hope you enjoyed your drive through the south of France.
Come back next week as I share driving to Monte Carlo and Piza!
Blessings, Debbie

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Ann said...

What utter beauty!! That old walled city is gorgeous. That would be a fantastic place to visit. Ofcourse I love the old cemetary-I could spend hours just looking at all the monuments. The B&B looks like a fairytale--how wonderful to stay there.

LV said...

Glad you are able to enjoy traveling the world. I would be so tired with all the different life styles and customs. Enjoy it, but be careful.

xinex said...

Oh I love Paris! Been there but i want to go back, one of my most favorite cities. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!...Christine

Stacey @flickerwhips said...

OH i love these pics! Mrs. Flibberjibbets is in France right now and i just can't get enough! I'm a history and architecture nerd and i just eat this stuff up! Keep it coming!

bj said...

OMYGOSH...what an amazing trip. I really enjoyed your lovely photos. I will never get to Paris but I can sure enjoy the photos of those that do go.
xoxo bj