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Monday, August 10, 2015

bike accident

Do you like to ride a bike?  Our new town has over 30 miles of awesome wide trails that we can access just around the corner!  I love my low crossover bike which makes it easy to get on and off .

I have an awesome aqua blue basket. 
 Of course we ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.  
We ride about 14 miles 2 or 3 times a week
until July 14...

We had gone out for a ride with friends MB & E.  We were about 2 miles from home when I pulled in behind MB so some walkers had plenty of room.  Then the unthinkable happened.  MB moved over too and her bike slid on the wet grass next to the pavement and she fell.  I had just pulled in behind her and had no way to stop,  hitting her, I flew off my bike over her and hit the pavement.  I'm  not sure what I hit on the way over, the basket or the handle bar.  My helmet saved my forehead when I hit the pavement. I ruined my sunglasses ( saved my eyes)  broke my nose and chipped two of my front teeth.  My husband called 911 and within a few minutes they were by my side.  The young man was asking where I hurt, touching arms then my left shoulder.  OK I am tough, pain usually doesn't get me, but  I remember screaming and him saying, start an IV and giving me some amazing pain killer so they could move me to the stretcher.  I guess  if you are going to do something, do it all the way right?  I managed to  shatter my left  humorous at the very top with some splinter breaks farther down.  I had some serious tissue damage to my right hand and cracked my right elbow. 

Have you ever been totally helpless?   
It is not an easy place to be and very humbling.
I couldn't even lift a glass for a drink.
I am so thankful for an amazing husband who has done everything to include brushing my teeth.  


this is normally a solid bone and was in more than 14 pieces  
my new shoulder

  I am amazed at the technology for modern medicine and the doctors who study and spend hours in surgery to fix humpty dumptys.  
So now I will put off all the alarms at the airport security and be that one everyone hates that slows down the line.  
Will  I ride again?  I hope so, it's great low impact exercise 
as long as you stay on the bike.
I have a long road of recovery, lots of physical therapy 
 they say 4-6months...

If you know someone who doesn't wear a helmet,  feel free to share my story,  I'm not sure I would have been here to share if I hadn't had one on that day.
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SmilingSally said...

Hi Deborah,

Pain. Oh, I know how it feels. (I've had both knees replaced.) I'm glad that you wore the helmet and sunglasses. Thanks for playing today.

Happy Blue Monday!

Joy H said...

OMG, So sorry to hear about your accident but so glad
you had your helmet on.
Joy @ Books and Life

Ann said...

Deb, your back!!!!I'm so sorry this happened and glad they put you back together. That x-ray is so amazing everytime I look at it. Thank God for knowledge today and that you can go back to the exercise that you love.
Miss you Sis

bj said...

OMYGOODNESS...what an amazing thing that you had helmet and sunglasses on. Our Father in Heaven was surely with you that day. I've looked at your xray several times....just blows my mind. So glad they put you back together again.....
And how cool that you have such a HUNK helping you along...:) :) :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Oh my word!! So glad you had a helmet on. Hope you are feeling much better.
Have not been on a bike in many years - think I will stay off of them.

Rajesh said...

OMG. Good to here that you are recovering.

Annesphamily said...

Oh my goodness, I hope oyu are recovering nicely. Take care of yourself. Have a nice week. Hugs, Anne

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