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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall is here

The cool weather of fall has arrived in Indiana.  Last year a friend and I went to a small town, Nashville, Indiana; to shop. 
 After lunch we saw this perfect setting for a picture.  I'm not sure if I ever shared it but it came up on my screen and I though 
"perfect Outdoor Wednesday and Red Wednesday!" The town was originally settled in 1809. 
Today it is a hub for tourism and craft shopping.

Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and some long prayed for rain.

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Ann said...

Deb, first of all a great picture, you look great. This looks like a fun place to visit in the fall. Love all the colors.

From the Kitchen said...

I love Nashville and we haven't been in years. Thanks for the lovely reminder.


Bev said...

Beautiful pictures!!