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Friday, May 6, 2011

Pink Saturday

I love my old dolls.  I received all that I have for Christmases when I was a child.  This one has always been a favorite and needed a new dress.  I was in wal-mart  and this was only $3. and the shoes were $4. Perfect to dress her for the summer.  

Hope you have a wonderful Mothers day weekend!
I'm the youngest here, my younger sister was born when I was nine.

I want to honor my mom who is 84. 
 Momma, I love you.  
You are a remarkably strong, loving woman of God and I pray you have many more mothers days to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your lovely Mother.

I grew up in a small GA town. We had a local 5 & 10 store who always had a doll like yours dressed for the different seasons in the window.

Thanks for the sweet memory today.

Ann said...

I think your doll looks so cute all dressed up! gotta love Walmart! Great picture of Mom, she's definately the BEST!! Have a great Mothers Day.

Stephanie said...

I love your doll. I reminds me a lot of one that my sister and I had. She walked when you moved her arm.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your Mom, very sweet.

I invite you to visit my blog, I'm giving away something pretty!

Take Care,