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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday and Rednesday

For Mother's day my hubby gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses.  When they started to droop I cut them and used my grandmothers red antique bowl to savor their beauty for another full week.
I felt like Morticia of the Adams family lol!

I thought Spring was here but oh baby it's COLD OUTSIDE!

After a couple of beautiful days in the high 70 and 80's it dropped 30 degrees with a soft rain...UCH

I was really afraid I would loose my flowers and veggies but so far they are surviving. 

The grass is starting to grow after the work we did on the landing. And anyone know how to contain basil?  Mine is out of control. It is the bush right behind the light at the foot of the steps.

Woops, guess I should have clipped the dead flowers before this shot.

Most of my garden is in annuals and I have been adding in a few shots of color. 
 The back garden is beautiful and the hostas are huge this year!

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Natasha said...

I have a suggestion on how to control the basil: make some pesto! I love making pesto when I have too much basil!

Happy gardening and best wishes,

Ann said...

How beautiful are those roses, love the way you put them in the bowl. And your correlation with Morticia is just too cute!!! I was going to say make a lot of Itailian dishes but Natashia beat me to it. The purple iris is so pretty as is everything!

Linda said...

Love how you saved the roses...great idea! I keep my basil controlled in a pot...I plant all of my herbs that way. Your yard is lovely!

jo©o said...

Hiya DK,
That bunch of pruned roses is priceless.
Good to have a laugh first thing in the morning.
Your passion for photography obviously won the day. I hope your husband wasn't upset to find that you had beheaded his gift :-)
You made it more beautiful, after all.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

What a wonderful idea! I cut them off and dry them, but haven't done the inbetween step of placing them into a shallower container. You are so smart!

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of your yard.

Take care,

Kathy M.