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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Shakers = Great Goodwill Find!

Ok all you wonderful vintage lovers out there, I need your help.  I have searched with google and can come up with nothing on these cool shakers. The only thing I can find are cocktail shakers but not the same brand and nothing in a set. They are in MINT condition, not a scratch or dent.   

The lettering on the bottom is R.R. International, made in India.  BTW I only paid $3.00 yeah!

Look forward to your comments and any ideas on value.  Make sure you go by and check out all the other great vintage post at Vintage Thingie Thursday  that Suzanne so graciously hosts. 

Blessings, Debbie


Postcardy said...

They are look cool even if you can't find out anything about them.

Anna said...

These are really nice looking, I love the color. I don't know anything about them but I'm glad you posted them. BTW, the link on Suzanne's blog is directed to the wrong post. Have a great week.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Those are great! I've never seen a set of shakers before, so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Happy VTT,

Tammy said...

What a cool looking set of salt and pepper shakers. Sorry I do not know anything about them either.

LV said...

Wish I could help you. I have not seen them before, but I am sure there is a blogger out there that will help you.

Ann said...

OK your right I DO LOVE IT. What a neat set, especially all together without any missing. Great deal Deb.

bj said...

These are pretty cool but I have no idea what they are. Don't think it is for salt and pepper since there's 4, could be some kind of bar set but doubt it. Beats me..:)) But, I like 'em.

Kathy said...

They look like martini shakers to me, so my money's on that. The only other thing they might possibly be is some kind of specialized laboratory equipment (they look autoclavable.) You might want to avoid using them for food until you find out for sure! :-o

Anonymous said...

I bought a syrup pitcher at Goodwill tonight, with "R.R. International Made in India" hand carved on the bottom of it. It has given me a bit of a mystery. Please email me at I'd love to learn more about this piece and find out more about it. The best I could find is that R.R. International makes anything but silver plated items!