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Friday, January 14, 2011

For those who have been praying Lexi is home from the hospital.  She will continue counseling.  Thank you for your prayers.  Originally they thought they would keep her at least 3 week.

Interesting "facts" on PINK

The most romantic color, pink, is more tranquilizing. Sports teams sometimes paint the locker rooms used by opposing teams bright pink so their opponents will lose energy.1

The Effects of the Color Pink 

How the color pink affects us physically and mentally
  • Stimulates energy (hmm didn't the last one say they will LOSE energy?) must be the shade...
  • Can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate
  • Encourages action and confidence
  • Pink has been used in prison holding cells to effectively to reduce erratic behavior 2

Pink is a mixture of red and white. The use of the word for the color we know today as pink was first recorded in the late 17th century.
Although the pink is roughly considered just as a tint of red, in fact most variations of pink lie between red, white and magenta colors. This means that the pink's hue is somewhat between red and magenta.[
Roseus is a Latin word meaning "rosy" or "pink." 3
The Meaning of the color Pink  The color and material used in Elizabethan Clothing was extremely important. People who could wear the color Pink was dictated by English Law! These were called the Sumptuary Laws. The colors of Elizabethan clothes, including the color Pink, provided information about the status of the man or woman wearing them. This was not just dictated by the wealth of the person, it also reflected their social standing. The meaning of colors during the Elizabethan era represented many aspects of their life - the social, religious, biblical and Christian symbolism was reflected in the color Pink!4

so if you love to wear pink you must be royalty!

Now that you know the "facts",  my pink for the day is from a nursery I painted for a client.  You have to look close to see that the faces of the children are actually photographs worked into the painting of sisters and cousins.  

Even the family dog got into the picture.  This room was all yellow (rather bright for my taste but it was already done when I arrived.)  The mural covered just one wall in the room. 
 Hope you enjoyed your visit at the paint splash. 
 Blessings, Debbie

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1 Infoplease Color Psychology
2 Squidoo: All about the color pink
3 wikepedia


LV said...

Thank goodness for the good news on Lexi. I love pink, but seldom wear it. Did not know it affected your blood pressure. I best stay away from it as I do take BP medicine.

Annesphamily said...

I like this post, very informative! I really love pink but it is not the best color on me! I like it everywhere though. I am very glad I came by. HPS and have a happy weekend too!

SavannahGranny said...

So glad Lexi is home.
That's my kind of pink. I will wear a pink crown anyday. Thanks for sharing this fun info. Hugs, Ginger

Cat & Cricket said...

Happy PS! Glad to hear about Lexi~ Love the bit on Color Psych!
Have a great weekend!

Maison Mutt said...

Gorgeous painting as usual! I never know so much about pink. Happy PS!
Licks & Wags, Niki

Simply Debbie said...

Happy Pink Saturday Deborah Kay and thank you so much for dropping by to see me. The grief I was overcome by was the death of my daughter, 12 months ago. But Jesus is helping me through it but it has been unbearable at times.
I love the lesson you gave us on pink. I have always loved pink, lavendar, green, and red....let's face it...when people ask me what my favorite color is...I start to panic as I REALLY LOVE COLOR. EVEN AT 55 I LOVE TO GET MY NEW BOX OF COLORED PENCILS AND LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Deborah Kay, so nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by, and you have been entered in my surprise giveaway!
I will keep you and Lexi in my prayers:)


Dru said...

Hi Debbie and thank you for visiting me. Interesting information regarding pink - but I especially love the tiara - who wouldn't want to wear that?!?! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!

Donnie said...

Loved your pink post today.

Trisha said...

I love facts about things I love! What an amazing artist you are!! Happy Pink Saturday!


Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

well at least now i know the colour of the crown i'm wearing :)) Lovely !
THX! and for taking tea with me today at FHC!

Char said...

Happy Pink Saturday, lovin the crown, Char

Susie Jefferson said...

Fascinating facts - thanks so much! I always love to learn something new. LOVE your header - what a stunning photograph!

Happy PINK Saturday!