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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today I want to share my dinning room with you.

The dinning room is an open room from the kitchen.  You can see the island counter in the foreground.

 I put away most of my tea pots and bring out only the ones I use for the Holidays.The Snowman pot on the top shelf did have both the creamer and sugar bowl but I guess you could say the bowl "melted" away during the summer because she was broken.  The next pot on the top is a sweet christmas house.  My large santa pitcher is a favorite. The wine pitcher is hand made and was bought from the artist in Canada on a trip there. On the second shelf in the center is a tea set I leave out all year also purchased in Canada on a small island by the artist.

 I love the Winterberry dishes . I have been picking up more pieces over the years in the after Christmas sales. I now have a service for 8 yeah!

A second tree in my house is new this year.  You girls just inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and go to town. Well literally, Wallie World. lol The tree is decorated with all my kitchen ornaments. tea pots, and many of the Hallmark series of little mice with spoons etc.
The dolls are both "vintage" If you want to call US vintage.  The doll standing was given to me for Christmas when I was 6.  The smaller doll is older, I just know I have always loved her. I was young enough I actually chewed off her fingers on her left hand.
And the beautiful lille doll below is my   precious youngest granddaughter.  She is actually 6 now but I love this picture.  I had painted the overalls for her and she and her mommy loved them.

Have a great week, I'm sure many of you will, like me, be starting your Christmas celebrations this week.   
 Be blessed and take care to love one another.

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Donnie said...

I love those overalls on your little granddaughter. So cute. You really decorated your dining room nicely. The paint effect on your walls looks very nice too. Have a great day,

Terri said...

beautiful home~
adorable granddaughter~
love the overalls~

Ann said...

Oh the dining room looks so beautiful. I love the table all set and festive. The colors are so pretty. Your bakers rack is really gorgeous. I'm glad you put up the extra trees-----the dolls looks great too.

Ann said...

PS - Miss Coveralls is gorgeous--that's a given.