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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

 Does every little girl love christmas?  

Over the years I kept my dolls. The house is too small to keep them out all year so  they only come out to play at Christmas.

This small one's dress was gone.  I love her green eyes and red hair.  I made her dress several years ago out of one of my grandmothers doilies'  that had a hole in it. Sorry about the look of her eyes.  One eye is missing the lashes and I didn't realize how strange the picture would look until my wonderful hubby mentioned the "evil eye" lol

This doll was a favorite to play with.  Again those wonderful green eyes and formed hair in a pony tail.

My life size doll. A friend for sure.  She actually stayed out for years until she got knocked over and her neck cracked in the back.  Now I don't risk her getting hurt.

This sweet girl is about 18 " long.  I had her when I was very young and actually chewed off the fingers of her left hand.  When I was "too old" for dolls I gave her to my grandmother who had a doll collection.  When she was in her 80's she gave her back.  Bless her wonderful gift of saving her for me until I realized no girl is too old to love her dolls.

I know according to "antique" rules these probably aren't vintage but they are over 50 years old.

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Donnie said...

They are really sweet. I know I must have had dolls but we moved so much when I was a child I just don't recall any of them until I was about 19 and got a Vermont Maid Doll with coupons. Evidently I didn't have her long either. Surprisingly I am a very good

LV said...

What beautiful dolls you have. That was a super idea making their dresses out of your grandmother's old dollies.

Coloradolady said...

I loved seeing these dolls. What a great assortment you have. Happy VTT!

Ann said...

Your dolls look so cute out for the holidays!!! I LOVE this picture of you.
See ya soon.

Anna said...

I love these dolls, I wish I still had my little girls!