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Monday, November 18, 2013

Vatican Museum and Saint Peters

The Vatican Museum  September 26, 2013

It would be impossible to post all the pictures we took in this wonderful museum.

The wall above is the outside wall of the Vatican.  After waiting in line we entered through the walls gate.

 Inside there was a beautiful courtyard.

The two lions in the picture to the right, can be dated to the reign of Nectanebo II (360-343 BC)  The inscription tells us they were from Northern Egypt.

What beautiful painted ceilings throughout the building.

The Sarcofago of St Helena.  Mother of Constantine the Great

  The two-horse chariot
This piece of work is made up of both antique and restoration by Francesco Antonio Franzoni in 1788. The body of the chariot was used as the episoce throne in the church of St Mark in Rome from at least 1516 to 1711

One section of the museum held many Egyptian artifacts.
Ok, I know this  one is strange…I was just amazed that "someone" could be so well preserved.  You could still see her fingernails and toenails!  They have them in an airtight-climate controlled area.

 Hubby Loves old clocks and this one was truly a masterpeice. 
 I wish we had taken a picture of the details with the date.

 My hubby and I in the courtyard
Some of the husbands who took us on this amazing trip. 
Hubby didn't get the message that the second picture was supposed to be goofy...

 Saint Peter's Basilica

The Pope had spoken in the morning so the line to get in was longer than normal.  

One of the most copied statues in the world.  So amazing to see the real work.

Such a beautiful church.  I don't think words are necessary.

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SmilingSally said...

Oh Debbbie,

What a terrific trip you're having!

Thanks for sharing this interesting blue.

Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

The interiors are fabulous!

Gary Phillips said...

Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Ann said...

The beauty is almost too much to take in. There are no appropriate words to describe the beauty. A dream of a lifetime to see these sites in person. The preserved body is amazing.
Hugs Ann

Annesphamily said...

So beautiful, I am overwhelmed by all the beauty. Several friends have traveled to Rome and were blessed to have audiences with John Paul II. Their stories were all the same and yet none of the three friends know each other. My friend Vivian visited there when the pope was newly elected in the 1970s. She said she was able to touch his hand and felt an electricity she felt was the Holy Spirit. My friend Jason, a younger kid I worked with went to Rome with his young wife and his parents. They met the Pope and he said the filled with a warmth that he felt was the Holy Spirit. He was overcome by the love for Our Lord of the pope at that time. My friend Sandy's daughter Lynn had just gotten engaged and won a trip to Rome with Princess House. She was very much into the new age scene and the Wicken religion. She and her fiancee Jason were going to go on an excursion to an art museum and at the last moment went with another group to have an audience with the pope. John Paul II blessed her engagement ring and she said she felt a great presence around her. Later they were married in a traditional ceremony by a true Man of God. Whenever I see photos of Rome it reminds me of these stories.

Jim said...

Great post and a fantastic trip. Thanks for your comment on my blog.