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Monday, October 3, 2011

Football, Basketball, Track who knew!

We just spent a wonderful week with our daughter and her busy family in Texas

I am amazed at how call she is with getting 4  kids to all the places they need to be.

Spending time in the car just picking them up from school was such a great time to visit.  Their schools are all on one campus and get out a different times to make pick up easier.  It still takes her at least an hour of sitting time though.
The school colors are perfect to share for

Fun in blue their school mascot
B is Number 17 a backup quarterback for the varsity team at 15!
He plays quarterback on the JV team but they got rained out. IT hadn't rained in months... :-(

A serious moment of prayer before his game.  Our youngest grandson.
A Patiently waiting her turn on the court.  Love the crossed legs on the b ball
Great to have her on your team!
This is at her brothers football game.

in action #1
Panda Hat...if you look close you can see it's ears.
Made this while I visited for M

M took 9th place out of 90at her track meet.  She usually runs long distance at around 6 min. mile but this meet was a 1 mile run.

Grandson and his girlfriend
Hope you all have a wonderful week!  
I am flying to Kansas to make my nephews wedding cake.
Blessings, Debbie


LV said...

Enjoyed seeing your team members if they did not get to play. You definitely were not in Fort Worth as we do not know what rain looks like here.
Great kids.

SmilingSally said...

Good school! I have always loved that shade of blue.

Happy Blue Monday, Debbie.

Ann said...

Wow, these are super shots. They all look so much more grown up since the last time they were with us. Beautiful--all four of them. The hat is just too adorable, I can see everyone wanting one.

Jo's This and That said...

Wow Cute!

Jenny's Heart said...

Phew what a week!
Your grands are very photogenic.
And talented too.