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Monday, July 18, 2011

Toe Nail Fix

Summer Time is for going
Barefoot in the grass

For flip flops on the beach

 Last night my toe nail, that was damaged months, ago fell off.  
Being summer, the only time it matters, I thought hard about what to do.  Take off all the polish so the lack of nail wouldn't show as bad? I mean who doesn't wear sandals most of the summer? It's the only time of year I bother to polish my nails.

So my creativity set in. 

My fix?  Cut medical tape the size and shape of the nail bed. 
 I found a double layer works best.
Place over the skin and then polish the tape!
Sorry my toes are not the prettiest in town, good ole Auther has come to stay...
Can you tell which toe nail isn't real?

Have a wonderful flip flop week!
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Carol said...

Well that is definitely a creative solution to a summery problem :)

Of Kites and Starfish said...

I love your white sandals... cute red colors

Forest Park said...

Enjoy looking at your flip flops on the beach. Mine is here...

LV said...

One thing far sure, you will never see my feet or even toes on the computer. I have had so many issues, it is hard to find shoes anymore. I wear flip flops all summer. Yours look fine.

Shirley @ The Gardening LIfe said...

Clever idea! I can't tell which is fake!

ImSoVintage said...

Very creative and really who does have beautiful toes?

Newly following from White Wednesday.

Pamela Gordon said...

What a great idea! I can't tell which one is fake at all. I'm visiting from Outdoor Wednesday. Pamela from Canada.

bunny said...

I'm gonna guess they look amazing and your so creative. Love love love probably already knew that.
Have a good one!


Annie Louise said...

Nice job, I can't tell which nail it is--thanks for the tip. Have a great summer.

Cherry Chick said...

I vote it's the one on the right but who cares! Such a clever idea...I will file that away in my brain in case I need it in the future.
P.S. Love the red polish

RNSANE said...

How win in that category, for sure. I nevr would have thought of that!!

My Watery Wednesday is at:

JO said...

I love summer because I get to wear slip on slippers and show off my toe nails too.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

Genie said...

I wish I had been so clever about 3 weeks ago when I suddenly lost a toenail out of a clear blue sky. I have not had my toenails painted waiting for it to grow back and I feel naked! LOL. I think I need to give your fab idea a try. You are one creative gal. Genie

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Very ingenious , It has fooled me !:)

SueLovesCherries said...

Wow, I cannot tell the taped one! You've got us all fooled with your great idea - hope the tape sticks well!