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Monday, August 10, 2015

bike accident

Do you like to ride a bike?  Our new town has over 30 miles of awesome wide trails that we can access just around the corner!  I love my low crossover bike which makes it easy to get on and off .

I have an awesome aqua blue basket. 
 Of course we ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET.  
We ride about 14 miles 2 or 3 times a week
until July 14...

We had gone out for a ride with friends MB & E.  We were about 2 miles from home when I pulled in behind MB so some walkers had plenty of room.  Then the unthinkable happened.  MB moved over too and her bike slid on the wet grass next to the pavement and she fell.  I had just pulled in behind her and had no way to stop,  hitting her, I flew off my bike over her and hit the pavement.  I'm  not sure what I hit on the way over, the basket or the handle bar.  My helmet saved my forehead when I hit the pavement. I ruined my sunglasses ( saved my eyes)  broke my nose and chipped two of my front teeth.  My husband called 911 and within a few minutes they were by my side.  The young man was asking where I hurt, touching arms then my left shoulder.  OK I am tough, pain usually doesn't get me, but  I remember screaming and him saying, start an IV and giving me some amazing pain killer so they could move me to the stretcher.  I guess  if you are going to do something, do it all the way right?  I managed to  shatter my left  humorous at the very top with some splinter breaks farther down.  I had some serious tissue damage to my right hand and cracked my right elbow. 

Have you ever been totally helpless?   
It is not an easy place to be and very humbling.
I couldn't even lift a glass for a drink.
I am so thankful for an amazing husband who has done everything to include brushing my teeth.  


this is normally a solid bone and was in more than 14 pieces  
my new shoulder

  I am amazed at the technology for modern medicine and the doctors who study and spend hours in surgery to fix humpty dumptys.  
So now I will put off all the alarms at the airport security and be that one everyone hates that slows down the line.  
Will  I ride again?  I hope so, it's great low impact exercise 
as long as you stay on the bike.
I have a long road of recovery, lots of physical therapy 
 they say 4-6months...

If you know someone who doesn't wear a helmet,  feel free to share my story,  I'm not sure I would have been here to share if I hadn't had one on that day.
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

vintage tricycle

One of my favorite pictures of one of my sisters and I is on our tricycle.  I was pedaling and she was on the step behind me.  Last week my husband and I drove Northeast to some amish greenhouses.  We stopped at an antique store that is in an old 2 story farm house.  I found a tricycle very much like the one I had.  Mine might have been a bit larger but it still evoked so many memories.  I have a small flower bed in the back yard, trying to homey up our new place.   I put the question out on FB, refinish it or leave it rusty.  Rusty won.  I sanded it down some and put on a coat of clear varnish.  I really wanted to find handle grips but all I could find were bright pink.. okay for a new bike but not this old one.  I used black electric tape and some curly metal ribbon.  I also wanted to have a basket.  Again all plastics and just not right.  Walking through the store I found a metal basket intended for inside a kitchen sink. I attached it with white zip ties.   Works PEFECT!  
Heres my finished tricycle!   

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In July of 2014 we visited Peru and Bolivia.My hubby and adult son are going back this June 30th to walk the Inca  Trail.  We flew into Lima.  Met by our tour guide Victor, we collected our bags and met the rest of the group we would travel with for the next 7 days.

The first evening we walked down to the sea.  It was such a beautiful evening.

The long wall by the shore is decorated with mosaic

El Beso (the kiss)   Parque del Amor" (Love Park)
Every year they have a contest  to see who can hold the pose of the kissing couple.
The year we were there the winners had held the pose for 55 minutes!
Now THAT is a KISS to remember.

We spent the first day visiting the major sights in Lima.

Many of the apartments have a  beautiful ornate balcony

Palace of archbishop and Cathedral

built in 1535
The beautiful arched ceiling panels are wood so that they can move with earthquakes


I love visiting the old churches across the world.  Such beauty in the architecture!  
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Monday, April 13, 2015


This is my last post for Slovenia  which we visited in the fall of 2013.  We had such an amazing trip and are so glad we added the extra week at the end of our cruise.  We love having a car and the option of just going down back roads.
This home owner had been very busy getting ready for winter!
Beautiful mountians 
Great place to keep the firewood dry

We were heading up a mountain road and stopped when we saw this blue stream.
I do believe this is the clearest mountain stream I have ever seen!  I did not altar the picture in any way.
We really enjoy finding these small churches in off the road villages

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